Hunting Trenchless has named Jimmy Foshee as its new International Sales Manager.

Hunting Trenchless is excited to see Mr Foshee join the team, citing his experience and proven commitment to working for the benefit of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors on a global scale.

Jimmy Foshee

Mr Foshee brings 25 years of experience in parts and service development, and the manufacturing of HDD equipment, as well as more than a decade of experience in the oil, gas and water well manufacturing sector.

Much of Mr Foshee’s experience has been in the international market, including working with customers in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, South America and Mexico in many areas, such as product training and customer service.

Mr Foshee’s looking forward to working with Hunting Trenchless and their ability to help customers lower their operating costs and improve equipment versatility.

For more information visit the Hunting Trenchless website.

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