Coliban Water has commenced maintenance activities, inspecting and cleaning sewer assets using CCTV and high-pressure jetting.

Coliban Water contractors Lendlease, Interflow and RSP Environmental Services will carry out CCTV sewer inspections, cleaning and renewals between May and June as part of its water and sewer main renewal program.

Many mains in the region date back to the 1950s or earlier; to prevent issues, these mains are subjected to regular testing and assessed for renewal or replacement.

“The sewer cleaning works are a preventive measure to help reduce blockages and improve the reliability of our network,” said Coliban Water CEO Neville Pearce.

“More than 2 km of sewer main will be cleaned and inspected.

“The mains are cleaned by pushing a high pressure hose with a cleaning nozzle through the main against the flow.

“After the main has been cleaned the condition of the pipe is assessed using CCTV to identify pipes which may need to be renewed or replaced.

“The works will help prevent potential bursts and impact to services, as well as helping to reduce our maintenance and repair costs.”

Trenchless Technology is the preferred method for inspecting, maintaining, renewing and replacing assets, conforming to Coliban Water’s aim of using methods that are both environmentally friendly and reduce impact on community and customers.

CCTV inspection is routinely used to examine pipeline and asset conditions, while sewer renewals are carried out using cured-in-place pipe technology in locations that need high pressure tolerance and spiral wound lining when a water-tight liner is needed to restore structural integrity to an ageing pipeline.

These works take place ahead of the AU$5 million Heathcote Sewer Scheme Project to expand the sewer network, which Coliban Water has contracted to Steve Standen Drainage Pty Ltd and is scheduled to commence in July.

For more information visit the Coliban Water website.

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