A COVID-19 Position Statement for the ASTT

Dear members of the ASTT,

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now defined the worldwide coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) as a

The ASTT fully understands the anxiety that many of you are feeling at this difficult time and we are trying to
keep in perspective the ASTT’s role as a society representing the trenchless industry with a strong sense of
social responsibility.

Paramount in this is the health and wellbeing of our entire trenchless community. Understanding that we are
not part of one organisation nor in the one location makes it difficult to provide guidance that applies to all.

It is important in the face of COVID-19 that we remain well informed and measured in our responses, but also
highly responsive to changes in the situation in order to minimise the risk to our community.

It is in our best interest to continue to follow closely the expert guidance of the Australian Government, New
Zealand Government and relevant State and Territory departments of health.

As recent weeks have shown, the situation is highly dynamic and can change very quickly. We will continue to
monitor the situation and act, to minimise the risk to our community.


Please refer to relevant Government websites for the latest advice.


New Zealand:


There are practical things that you can and should do:

  • It is very important to follow the relevant health advice. If you are unwell and fall into one of the categories of people who must self-isolate, please immediately seek appropriate medical advice, get tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate at home.
  • If you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19, are self-isolating and/or are being tested, do not
    attend ASTT meetings or events.
  • For those of you who are not unwell or self-isolating and are able to attend ASTT events and meetings.
    We will notify you of changes in compliance with Government advice.
  • Good personal hygiene practices including regular and effective hand washing and coughing and sneezing
    hygiene are the best ways to protect ourselves and each other from all contagious diseases.

Stay up-to-date via the COVID-19 website and take note of future updates. Please do everything that you can
to stay well, and to protect the health of others.

I thank you for your patience as we work together to cope with these challenges.

Chris Frangos
ASTT President

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