Role and Profile of the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology

Australia has had a long history of conventional pipe-jacking, horizontal boring and pipe bursting, and continues to use such techniques with success. Pipe rehabilitation and renovation has also had a history of over thirty years in Australia.

Australia and New Zealand have unique problems of geographic spread, and a great potential exists for a fragmented approach to the development and implementation of trenchless technology.

In recognition of these difficulties, and as a result of the promotion of the developments in trenchless technology through international ‘No-Dig’ events conducted by the International Society for Trenchless Technology, the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) was established in 1991. It is affiliated with the eighteen other national societies making up the International body.

The growth in ASTT membership has reflected the growth of trenchless technology in Australia and New Zealand. With ASTT having the highest membership of any of the affiliated societies on a per capita basis, the Society continues to provide a focal point for the continued development and application of trenchless technology in Australia and New Zealand.

The objectives of ASTT are to:
  • To advance the science and practice of trenchless technology for the public benefit
  • Provide a forum in Australia and New Zealand for interchange of multi disciplinary knowledge and skills in the field of trenchless technology
  • Arrange or sponsor meetings, conferences and symposia on subjects consistent with the objectives of the Society
  • Encourage the interchange of specialists in trenchless technology within Australia and New Zealand
  • Liaise and establish affiliations with related organisations, both within Australia, New Zealand and overseas
  • Inform and advise the public and Government on matters concerned with trenchless technology
  • Encourage education, training and research
The Society aims to achieve its objectives through a number of strategies that are outlined in the Strategic and Business Plan and includes the following:
  • National Conferences and Exhibitions
  • National Seminars
  • Working groups dealing with specific key issues
  • Regular Trenchless Australasia magzine publications

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Individual and corporate memberships are available. Members receive a number of benefits to continuing learning and developing their skills and knowledge of trenchless technology.

  • Trenchless Australasia Magazine – 6 issues per year.
  • Trenchless Directory – 1 issues per year.
  • ASTT Annual Trenchless Directory acknowledgement.
  • Discount rates at National Conferences and Exhibition.
  • Discount rates at Trenchless Forums.
  • Discount rates at ISTT International NO-DIG’s.
  • Discounted rates for advertising in the ASTT’s Trenchless Australasia Magazine.

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