About Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface construction work, performed without the need for trenching. The techniques which have been developed for this purpose are known as ‘no-dig’ or trenchless technology and are used for conduit installation, replacement or renovation which minimises excavation from the surface.

Traditional open-cut excavation methods for installing, renovating or maintaining services are often disruptive and uneconomical, and the true social costs and environmental impact of such disruption is not considered. This has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for methods of pipeline installation and refurbishment which have the capability of performing this work without the need for trenching.

In Australia alone, there are some 130,000 kilometres of water mains and 80,000 kilometres of sewers and sewerage pumping mains. With many approaching or exceeding their design life, this represents a huge cost.

Despite Australia’s remoteness, geographic spread and comparatively small population, the potential of the technology is being realised by an ever-growing number of progressive utilities, private organisations, contractors and consultants.

There are many initiatives underway to assist in the continued introduction of trenchless technology in Australia and New Zealand.

The ASTT continues to work with members, providing up-to date technical knowledge and information for the advancement of trenchless technology in Australasia.

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